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Theory of regular expressions

module Regexp

  type char


  type regexp =
    | Empty
    | Epsilon
    | Char    char
    | Alt     regexp regexp
    | Concat  regexp regexp
    | Star    regexp


Words are list of characters.

  use export list.List
  use export list.Append

  type word = list char

Inductive predicate mem w r means "word w belongs to the language of r".

  inductive mem (w: word) (r: regexp) =
    | mem_eps:
        mem Nil Epsilon
    | mem_char:
        forall c: char. mem (Cons c Nil) (Char c)
    | mem_altl:
        forall w: word, r1 r2: regexp. mem w r1 -> mem w (Alt r1 r2)
    | mem_altr:
        forall w: word, r1 r2: regexp. mem w r2 -> mem w (Alt r1 r2)
    | mem_concat:
        forall w1 w2: word, r1 r2: regexp.
        mem w1 r1 -> mem w2 r2 -> mem (w1 ++ w2) (Concat r1 r2)
    | mems1:
        forall r: regexp. mem Nil (Star r)
    | mems2:
        forall w1 w2: word, r: regexp.
        mem w1 r -> mem w2 (Star r) -> mem (w1 ++ w2) (Star r)


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