Module Session_itp

module Session_itp: sig .. end

Proof sessions

upper level structure of sessions

A session contains a collection of files, a file contains a collection of theories, a theory contains a collection of goals. The structure of goals remain abstract, each goal being identified by unique identifiers of type proofNodeId

type session 
type file 
type theory 
type proofNodeID 
val print_proofNodeID : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> proofNodeID -> unit
type transID 
type proofAttemptID 
val print_proofAttemptID : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> proofAttemptID -> unit
type fileID 
module Hfile: Exthtbl.S  with type key = fileID
module Hpn: Exthtbl.S  with type key = proofNodeID
module Htn: Exthtbl.S  with type key = transID
module Hpan: Exthtbl.S  with type key = proofAttemptID
type any = 
| AFile of file
| ATh of theory
| ATn of transID
| APn of proofNodeID
| APa of proofAttemptID
val fprintf_any : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> any -> unit
type notifier = any -> unit 


val get_files : session -> file Hfile.t
val get_dir : session -> string
val file_id : file -> fileID


val file_path : file -> Sysutil.file_path
val file_format : file -> string
val file_theories : file -> theory list
val system_path : session -> file -> string

the system-dependent absolute path associated to that file

val theory_name : theory -> Ident.ident


val theory_goals : theory -> proofNodeID list
val theory_parent : session -> theory -> file
type proof_attempt_node = private {
   parent : proofNodeID;
   mutable prover : Whyconf.prover;
   limit : Call_provers.resource_limit;
   mutable proof_state : Call_provers.prover_result option;
   mutable proof_obsolete : bool;
   mutable proof_script : Sysutil.file_path option;
val set_proof_script : proof_attempt_node -> Sysutil.file_path -> unit
val is_below : session -> any -> any -> bool
type proof_parent = 
| Trans of transID
| Theory of theory
val get_task : session -> proofNodeID -> Task.task
val get_task_name_table : session ->
proofNodeID -> Task.task * Trans.naming_table
val get_transformations : session -> proofNodeID -> transID list
val get_proof_attempt_ids : session ->
proofNodeID -> proofAttemptID Whyconf.Hprover.t
exception BadID
val get_proof_attempt_node : session ->
proofAttemptID -> proof_attempt_node
val get_proof_attempt_parent : session -> proofAttemptID -> proofNodeID
val get_proof_attempts : session ->
proofNodeID -> proof_attempt_node list
val get_sub_tasks : session -> transID -> proofNodeID list
val get_transf_args : session -> transID -> string list
val get_transf_name : session -> transID -> string
val get_proof_name : session -> proofNodeID -> Ident.ident
val get_proof_expl : session -> proofNodeID -> string
val get_proof_parent : session -> proofNodeID -> proof_parent
val get_trans_parent : session -> transID -> proofNodeID
val find_th : session -> proofNodeID -> theory
val get_any_parent : session -> any -> any option
val is_detached : session -> any -> bool
val get_encapsulating_theory : session -> any -> theory
val get_encapsulating_file : session -> any -> file
val is_fatal : exn -> bool

iterators on sessions

val goal_iter_proof_attempt : session ->
(proofAttemptID -> proof_attempt_node -> unit) ->
proofNodeID -> unit
val theory_iter_proof_attempt : session ->
(proofAttemptID -> proof_attempt_node -> unit) ->
theory -> unit
val file_iter_proof_attempt : session ->
(proofAttemptID -> proof_attempt_node -> unit) ->
file -> unit
val any_iter_proof_attempt : session ->
(proofAttemptID -> proof_attempt_node -> unit) ->
any -> unit
val session_iter_proof_attempt : (proofAttemptID -> proof_attempt_node -> unit) ->
session -> unit
val session_iter_proof_node_id : (proofNodeID -> unit) -> session -> unit
val fold_all_any : session ->
('a -> any -> 'a) -> 'a -> any -> 'a

fold_all_any s f acc any folds on all the subnodes of any

val fold_all_session : session -> ('a -> any -> 'a) -> 'a -> 'a

fold_all_session s f acc folds on the whole session

session operations

val empty_session : ?sum_shape_version:Termcode.sum_shape_version ->
?from:session -> string -> session

create an empty_session in the directory specified by the argument. If sum_shape_version is present it will record it for the generated session, otherwise the current version is taken from module Termcode. If from is present, the provers, sum-shape version and global shapes are taken from it. It is forbidden to pass both sum_shape_version and from arguments.

val add_file_section : session ->
Sysutil.file_path ->
file_is_detached:bool ->
Theory.theory list -> Env.fformat -> file

add_file_section s fp ths adds a new 'file' section in session s, named fp, containing fresh theory subsections corresponding to theories ths. The tasks of each theory nodes generated are computed using Task.split_theory.

Note that this function does not read anything from the file system. The file path fp is taken as is.

val read_file : Env.env -> ?format:Env.fformat -> string -> Theory.theory list * Env.fformat
val merge_files : ignore_shapes:bool ->
Env.env ->
session -> session -> exn list * bool * bool

merge_files env ses old_ses merges the file sections of session s with file sections of the same name in old session old_ses. Recursively, for each theory whose name is identical to old theories, it is attempted to associate the old goals, proof_attempts and transformations to the goals of the new theory. Returns a triple (e,o,d) such that e is the list of parsing or typing errors found, o is true when obsolete proof attempts where found and d is true if detached theories, goals or transformations were found.

val merge_files_gen : ignore_shapes:bool ->
reparse_file_fun:(session ->
Env.env -> file -> Theory.theory list) ->
Env.env ->
session -> session -> exn list * bool * bool

same as merge_files but takes the extra argument ~reparse_file_fun providing a customized method to reconstruct the theories to attach to files. This extra function may raise an exception Located _ to indicate the reload failed at some point. In that case, the corresponding file section will be marked as "detached" and the reported expection e which be added in the result list.

val graft_proof_attempt : ?file:Sysutil.file_path ->
session ->
proofNodeID ->
Whyconf.prover ->
limit:Call_provers.resource_limit -> proofAttemptID

graft_proof_attempt s id pr file l adds a proof attempt with prover pr and limits l in the session s as a child of the task id. If there already a proof attempt with the same prover, it updates it with the limits. It returns the id of the generated proof attempt. For manual proofs, it has the same behaviour except that it adds a proof_script field equal to file.

exception NoProgress
val apply_trans_to_goal : allow_no_effect:bool ->
session ->
Env.env -> string -> string list -> proofNodeID -> Task.task list

apply_trans_to_goal s env tr args id applies the transformation tr with arguments args to the goal id, and returns the subtasks. Raises Session_itp.NoProgress if allow_no_effect is false and tr returns the task unchanged

val graft_transf : session ->
proofNodeID ->
string -> string list -> Task.task list -> transID

graft_transf s id name l tl adds the transformation name as a child of the task id of the session s. l is the list of arguments of the transformation, and tl is the list of subtasks.

val remove_proof_attempt : session -> proofNodeID -> Whyconf.prover -> unit

remove_proof_attempt s id pr removes the proof attempt from the prover pr from the proof node id of the session s

val remove_transformation : session -> transID -> unit

remove_transformation s id removes the transformation id from the session s

val mark_obsolete : session -> proofAttemptID -> unit

mark_obsolete s id marks id as obsolete in s

val save_session : session -> unit

save_session s Save the session s

val export_as_zip : session -> string

export_as_zip s produces a zip archive of the session file. Returns the file name of the archive.

val load_session : string -> session

load_session dir load a session in directory dir; all the tasks are initialised to None

raises SessionFileError msg if the database file cannot be read correctly.

raises ShapesFileError msg if the database extra file for shapes cannot be read.


exception RemoveError
val remove_subtree : notification:notifier ->
removed:notifier ->
session -> any -> unit

remove_subtree s a ~removed ~notification remove the subtree originating from node a in session s. the notifier removed is called on each removed node, and notifier notification on nodes whose proved state changes.

Raises Session_itp.RemoveError when removal is forbidden, e.g. when called on a file, a theory or a goal that is not detached

proved status

val pa_proved : session -> proofAttemptID -> bool
val th_proved : session -> theory -> bool
val pn_proved : session -> proofNodeID -> bool
val tn_proved : session -> transID -> bool
val file_proved : session -> file -> bool
val any_proved : session -> any -> bool
val update_goal_node : notifier ->
session -> proofNodeID -> unit

updates the proved status of the given goal node. If necessary, propagates the update to ancestors. notifier is called on all nodes whose status changes.

val update_trans_node : notifier -> session -> transID -> unit

updates the proved status of the given transformation node. If necessary, propagates the update to ancestors. notifier is called on all nodes whose status changes

val update_proof_attempt : ?obsolete:bool ->
notifier ->
session ->
proofNodeID ->
Whyconf.prover -> Call_provers.prover_result -> unit

update_proof_attempt ?obsolete s id pr st update the status of the corresponding proof attempt with st. If obsolete is set to true, it marks the proof_attempt obsolete directly (useful for interactive prover).

val change_prover : notifier ->
session ->
proofNodeID -> Whyconf.prover -> Whyconf.prover -> unit

change_prover s id opr npr changes the prover of the proof attempt using prover opr by the new prover npr. Proof attempt status is set to obsolete.

Extra session update operations

val find_file_from_path : session -> Sysutil.file_path -> file

raise Not_found of path does not appear in session

val rename_file : session ->
string -> string -> Sysutil.file_path * Sysutil.file_path

rename_file s from_file to_file renames the file section in session s named from_file into to_file